The Fruits of Love

You make me feel new,

Like an Infant you nurture me and care.

Am I happy?

Am I sad?

Am I hungry?

Am I tired?

You care.


To you I am important.

To you I matter.

To you I come first.

You treat me like a gift,

Displaying me proudly for all to see.


Letting no one to even crease or dirty me.



It does so many things when I'm with you.

It flies,

Going to fast, 

Regretting that some beautiful moments are done.

It freezes,

While feeling your warm ebrace,

Knowing that I am safe.

Time goes by but it doesn't pass.

The next day is a new day,

And always a better day.


Unspoken rules dictated by affection,

No Lies,

No secrets,

I will love you no matter what,

You can tell me anything.


You are my friend,

My best friend.

I am your friend, 

Your best friend.

You and I.

Healthy love.













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