Frowning Parasite

Gliding in the merry skies,

Foraging hundred night kinds, 

Trapping fast rifts of hills,

Make haste as the fairies fade, 

Eerie mundane grimoire or fragment, 

Yell this ode to my dear little kin, 

Reverse the repertoire,

As dusk comes to bathe, 

Orion shows its shade, 

Rob ye of weariness;

Truthful now:

Possessions found, 

Lame gallops conform, 

Undermine the belly, 

Wager this savarin, 

As all the swords come to hail, 

Come to the throne, 

Be the bestowed, 

Perpetrate a now, 

Gain your toes, 

Survey my kindled rose, 

Divert more than you row, 

Rougher than you hoax, 

Fulfill the truth, 

Gather more food, 

Protrude this fool. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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