Friends are silent

I was blind and now I see,

The best things in life are usually free.

 A solution, an advice, not to be your client,

 Love and honesty defiantly move in silence.

A needle in a hay stack, a problem with no end,

Attention and time are almost God sent.

My life is that person, has a story of its own,

Sometimes it feels cold like a dog without a bone.

It was in that moment that my words stopped walking,

All I could see was a good friend watching.

I heard no philosophical ideas or logical thoughts,

Just bottled up tears and empathy for my loss.

Back then I was deaf but now I hear,

People run out of words so their living in fear.

But one thing was different about this person,

He didn’t have to say anything about my burdens.

He was quiet and speechless, as still as could be,

The only things moving were the tears down his cheeks.

Family relative, those things he appeared,

His surroundings were the same,

I was speaking to a mirror. 

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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