What is a friend, you may ask.
A friend is special, kind, sweet,
Watches out for you,
Asks you how you are,
Never belittles you,
Cries with you,
Reaches out to those in need,
Takes you as you are, but leaves you better.
When I am sad,
Or angry,
Frustrated, depressed, upset,
(Or any other synonyms that you can think up)
I go to my friends.
True friends are always at my side
There to back me up when a bully is near
There to lift me when I fall
There to listen when I have a pathetic story to tell (and is interested),
There to comfort me, when not one else does,
Is mindful of all,
Never self-centered,
Laughs with, not at, me when something hilarious is going on.
Their radiant smile always warms your soul.
It strengthens, energizes, fills your heart with peace,
The corners of my mouth turn up!
A true friend influences to do things that you would never do without them;
Trust that someone will wake you up when you sleep in class,
Scream at the top of your lungs out of joy,
Tell your darkest (or most embarrassing) secret,
Take healthy risks,
Strive for your best, even when the possibility of failure is high,
Go for your dreams,
To love others (because you are selfless enough to and are not afraid of a broken heart),
Let your tears flow effortlessly when in despair,
Because you know that you're loved.
No matter how far apart we are,
No matter how old we are,
I vow to be friends with you and to be a good friend as you
For today, and everyday for the rest of my life.



Sweet and endearing. I love poems about friendship because it proves there is other types of loves than just the ones where you end up together in marriage- there are other loves where you are still together for the rest of your lives. This piece made me smile so brightly and it made me want to run and hug all my friends. I hope you've shared this with your friends, especially the one(s) it was intended for, and I thank you for sharing it here.


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