Friend Zone

The silly girl,

Alway falling for the players.

Always getting played.

But still she falls for them,

Desperately hoping for a different outcome.

Broken she runs to the only things she knows...

He's waiting for her with arms outstretched,

He holds her in his embrace leading her inside,

Where chocolates, ice cream and the latest chic flick awaits her.

Together they sit down, with bowls of ice cream and the chocolate stash in front of them.

With his arm around her, he pushes play on the movie.

She lays there in his arms, telling him about her latest heartbreak.

He listens attentively, doing everything he can to make her laugh.

He tells her how she deserves someone better, someone who will love her.

Feeling slightly better, they finish the movie and she leaves for home.

As he walks her to her door she tells him how much this means to her, how much he means to her.

He smiles and says how much she means to him,

With a sudden boast of confidence, he confesses his feelings for her.

She smiles at his admittance of feelings for her, but answers "I'm so sorry, your like a brother to me. I don't want to ruin what we have."

He smiles and acts like its no big deal, saying "I understand."

She hugs him tight and thanks him for understanding before going in the house.

And he leaves for home, to wait until she needs him again.


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