FriendI'm worried about what's to come to go someplace unknown.I can feel it coming but, I let it brush by And then it's time Time for it to arrive.Though I want to leave it behind, some part of me drags me down And starts to make feel like I can't do it I can't breathe all I hear is gasping breathes.My throat is closing up, I feel myself going faint.  Everyone around looks at me like I'm bizarre,But they don't know what's going on inside me.I plead not to give in to it but, if do I feel I've disappointed everyone.I feel different it comes like an sensation rushes over me it's a one a kind feeling.I think I'm stuck in the finest of air waiting for the beast to shake me down again.  The reoccurring process moves like being on an sinking ship where chaos is everywhere but except when you shut off.I slam my lashed eyes to go black and cork my ears with my nearest pillow.  Can I do this Yes  Can I do this No   I'm indecisive it hurts me to change the tilt of my life Now I feel droopy ,depressed, and in solitudeknowing after the decision was made I could of done something.Though now I press on exhausted by the war I'm fighting in my uninhabited brainI hope that this ends but, for now I live this thing inside me.  This thing I call friend.   


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