Tue, 10/01/2013 - 22:39 -- a.lee1


Has your

Body ever hungered for warmth?

Been so desperate

That it was too chilled

To shiver?

The kind of iciness

That makes your muscles

Snap tight against the bone,

Too cold to shudder

And you wish for nothing but

The simple pleasure of heat

From the breakable skin

To your brittle bones

Too frozen to

Breathe anything but

Ice back into the atmosphere

Snowflakes are the

Deadliest of razors

Thrown by the unyielding wind

Even your blood

Becomes silver-blue, like

The ice that is so harbored

In your heart

And through your veins

Flows ice instead of blood

Joints crunch at the ice

Inside them,

Hair and eyes frosted

With dangerous lace


So, so frozen

Is the landscape of

A desolate heart

That has given up on all things


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