Freely Imprisoned

Let water run deep. 

Let my river run like my feet

as far they can go

going with the flow.


Just another water drop,

another person in a mob.

Immersed in the vast expense

where I can say it is blessed.


I went up to the sky

and soared with the clouds' might.

Until I realized I am not alone;

for more than one drop moaned.


Desperate shrills claiming to be special,

it could be heard in the dark blue facial 

of a monstrous creature, 

thousands of drops with no measure.


Then I went down

and froze wearing a fake crown 

full of pride. I'm getting cold

and white. I think I'm getting old.


But my long lived past came

to my aid and filled me with faith;

warmed me from the white peak

freed me to the brown creek.


I slid my way through 

watching all those brutes 

trying to latch onto worthless dirt

instead of soaring as birds.


I realize that we are simple drops

ruled by a never-ending clock.

Sliding on a wave

or just trying to rest,


In an endless cycle caging me

it almost feels like

I am FREE.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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