Freedom Song

Dr. King, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Langston Hughes the greats

All deriving from our ancestors shipped in crates

America you great land of opportunity  

Why have you turned your cheek on me

I was born here and raised

But I walk these streets like a maze

For I do not know which way to go

Racial slurs their mouths throw


Hundreds of years of fighting and fighting

But still ads are telling us our skin we should be lightening

Why is our history an elective

Why are our futures so selective


What ever happened to that little town in Alabama

Black Wall Street they called it wish I had a camera

So I could show you what they did destroying their houses and businesses like a kid that didn't get their way

Black Wall Street was destroyed in a day

But history forgot

While they trot

We have to stop

Getting shot down by a cop

Just like a dog we are as see through as fog

We just complain too much

Racism is not as such

We pull the race card

We are just a broken shard


We are only 10% of the population

And our freedom isn’t even a small celebration


When our protests go wrong there are screams

But behind the madness is a dream

A dream that one day we will truly be free

Let this be a message from me

I too have a dream like Dr. King

That one day as a whole nation we will sing

Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave

O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave


My fellow militants, dreamers, and students

Let’s move forward in the present

And look to the future in new eyes

Do not hate nor despise

We shall grow this country in brotherhood

For we are standing in the same soil that our ancestors stood

But we shall stand taller

We will no longer be the smaller

We shall go in new light

We will win this fight


We have been fighting so long

We have been singing the freedom song

Once it was said all men are created equal

So leave everyone in good will

My brothers and sisters soon we will be free

Yes my brothers and sisters you and me

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My community
My country
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