Freedom From Flaws

Handsome, clean-cut, a rather dapper young man,

Smart, cool and calm.

Looking my best at all times,

I keep a nice, fresh, haircut with an awesome line-up.

I'm a young black man only portraying himself,

not someone he wants to be.

Going through life making decisions on my own,

being a leader not a follower.

You'll never catch me with my pants sagging so that you can see my underwear,

No, not Calvin, he wouldn't dare.

Ignoring the current norms of filters,

And doing what everyone else does.

Always striving to be the best I can be,

Always portraying myself in the most realistic point of view.

Not using all of these filters to remove my blemishes and scars,

I let everyone see my true colors, because I am an all-star.

With my mustache, my fresh cut, and my nice clothes,

I'm just trying to be me and embrace my flaws.

I was once ugly like a caterpillar,

I disliked my self-image and wished I had better looks.

But now, I have blossomed into a handsome butterfly,

Who flaunts his beautiful patterns on his wings.

Filters prevent me from being me,

So why apply them when I can be filter-free?


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