To All Free Thinkers,


You wish to speak your mind?

Watch your step, beware,

And don’t you even dare

To speak of anything considered to be out of line.


For if you do, there will be consequences.

A mob will form, like vicious animals, and attack

One after another, holding nothing back

They will tear down your walls, leaving you defenseless.


All because you wanted to speak your mind.


That’s how it is today.

Self expressionism will be your downfall

The mob is now a brutal free for all

Nothing you can do nor say, will keep their brutalities at bay.


Just because YOU went against the crowd.

What harm could your voice bring?

After all, isn’t it your right to say anything?

It seems these days, that simply isn’t allowed.


As they condemn you for using a right granted to all mankind,

As their words slice through you like knives and dismember,

As you are forced into silence, just remember,

This could have all been avoided, if you hadn’t spoken your mind.


  • G. Andino


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My community
My country
Our world
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