Free and Alive

In the dark blue skies

I see hope of gold

singing blues like I'm being told 

my heart speeds all high.

I stand in my mirror

I see the superior 

don't break me down

I'm the poet with a muse

something you can't abuse

I wanna let go 

I want to know more

Dying young not sure what for?

Want to prevail for sure

Being free and alive

talking till dark 

defeating the lies

hearing the birds fly 

feeling free and alive

I can rule my world

being the queen of the shore

breaking free for more

you can't break me

I'll live free and soar

Being free and alive

talking till dark 

standing by the light

hearing birds fly 

feeling free and alive


Hearing the winter whistle

killing the war with a pistol 

I'm free and alive maybe?

I confuse the world 

I try to break molds

My goal is to be free

and live life for me

Maybe I'm really crazy

I'm the girl with the dream

it isn't easy as it seems

But her passion gleams

and she'll be free.





Thank you so much!

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