As the time continues to go by

Without us knowing, the clock is slowly ticking

Our energy depletes after the end of a day

And in the morning we start the same routine all over again

Without change we continue this pattern over and over

Each day a new day but still doing the same thing

I’m not sure how I was able to do this every single day

Maybe it was when I realized that I wasn’t loved as a child

I was cast away but given forced attention from adults


But as I continued growing I realized the changes within me

I didn’t need anyone to help me anymore

The time I turned 17 was when I knew that things changed

Arguments every now and then but me being unphased

I walk out the door knowing that I didn’t need their support anymore

After all even if I did show a sign of wanting their support

They would continue doing the same thing

Treating me as a child with their sweet words


I won’t fall for it anymore

It’s toxic and I know what path is laid out for me

That path was laid out by me so that I didn’t need to rely on anyone

I knew their true colors so I decided to create my own path

Even if I don’t know how to cook properly

I can practice

Even if I’m unsure of everyday things I can always ask people around me

I cut the string tying myself to my parents

And now I’m free, I can finally be me


This poem is about: 
My family


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