Framed bullet


A kid walking down the street is suspected of mischief because his hood is up, but instead of a calm questioning there's a hold up.

"Where you going why are you out this late?" Must he really answer and state his case?

we have the right to walk down the street no matter the hour, it's profiling to suspect a man who harmed not a soul.

yet this man wanted to be bold.

"Man get out my face don't worry where I'm goin'" says the kid little did he know those would be his last words tonight.

The two start to fight the older man panicking for fighting the wrong person, pulls out his gun and shoots no remorse for the person.

a pack of skittles and Arizona tea falls out the boys pocket, where's his gun you ask? Never had one

that boy did have a life though.. Once

a bullet used on a boy who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time is now six feet deep yet the trigger man served no time.

the boys name will be forgotten and fade into memory, while the other facades himself a hero "it was self defense clearly"

there are always two sides to a story yet the trigger man walks free, cause history is written by the victor and trayvon's side of the story will just be a memory.

This poem is about: 
Our world



that was truly an amazing poem. i really liked it :) great job


Poetic X

Thank you it's very appreciated. I enjoyed writing it

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