Frail Flower


United States
41° 10' 35.3784" N, 112° 2' 8.5704" W

Friday morning, thin and silent as a fence rail.
As the earth trembled beneath me.
My alone companion, longing.
Thick with thirst.
Broken heart, promises, and faith.
Smothering, she's invisible.
My throat chocked as I groan.
She is young and hurt.
In spite of the pain, she left me.

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I love the simplicity of your poem. What I like the most about this poem is how you can read between the lines- it's the silence and empty spaces between your words that make it truly remarkable. I think too many poets try to fill the empty spaces to the brim, but I believe that those kind of poems may indicate a very scattered mind, perhaps being out of touch with emotions and too in touch with worries and doubts of the mind. You, on the other hand seem to be very in touch with your inner being. To me, it is clear that your confidence shines through here because you are not afraid of the silence as so many people are. You are courageous. Thank you.

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