Fragment No. 2

They speak of heresy and witchcraft

 But create gods out of Men

They make me the martyr

And forget that to spill blood is still

a sin.

I am stoned for a word

That does not come into agreement with yours

Hut do not forget

“He who is withOUT sin

Cast the first stone”

As you hurl boulders at my head

With murderous rage in your eye

And greedy desire in your heart

Proclaiming yourself pure.

You will whip me

And I will take it

You will beat me

And I will not let a tear fall

You will brutalize me

And I will stand tall

On the trust I have in Him
for my pain is not as great

As His

When you flay my wounds

And pour acid on my skin


everything done to me in


by You

is another Nail

in Him


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