Fragile, Whiny Child


United States
41° 58' 15.9852" N, 87° 42' 8.9352" W

Fragil Little Child

Whiny Little Girl

Blessed with the worst

Huanted by her thoughts

She screams and stays quiet

So much on her mind

Nothing ever said

Why so confused

About nothing

Thinks so much

Manages to never have and answer

How is it possible

For ones mind and mouth

To be so frustrating

Can one ever get

Over all these frustration

Can on ever be fine

Fine enough to be cured

She strives to be okay

But earns to be broken

What does one deserve to be broken

To be unworthy

To be frustrated

Who can wish this upon someone

If you tried it for one second

You won't make it 

Fragile little child

Whiny little Girl

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