Fragile Me.


I am soft.

Sensitivity is mistaken for weakness 

and yet it is the one true strength.

To care, to love, to cry.


I have fought my battles with tears in my eyes

But I won the war.

Standing tall with clear vision above 

a mass of people calling me frail.


Every emotion seeps into my heart

through pinholes and passages.

I feel what is meant to be felt-

Feelings aren't fated to stay trapped

behind bone white bars.

I show what others seek to cover

with stony expressions and the words:

"I'm fine,"

spilling heavily from their lips.


And for this I am called delicate.

I am nothing but a girl

Frills and glitter and emotion,

as if sadness is something only experienced

with two X chromosomes.


But I do not cower behind a steel demeanor

and puffed out chest.

I am a girl.

I am a human being. I feel.


And I will not apologize for something as human as shedding tears.


Life cannot be lived 

if heartbreak never swims 

through your bloodstream,

if happiness never lights a fire within your soul,

if you don't allow yourself to feel.


Muffle your emotions

and land the label "Robot."

Cold metal.



My tears and I are as real as it gets.



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