Fractured reflecion

Sat, 02/27/2016 - 14:11 -- lovelyo




I grew up with broken mirrors

They fractured my reflection and damaged my reality

Perception it’s biggest flaw

My weakness

Lately I been taking this drug

A drug called life

One addiction that alters my mind like a bullet

And deceives my mental state of mind

No pattern to remember

No cheat codes to win

Its complex dimensions gilded

They say love the life you live

But what is love to a generation that is broken

A generation with no start or end

A generation with no identity

Where pain is pleasure

Love is just a word

The soul is just a vast space in a lost world

Death becomes a therapist and life the patient

We become faceless and gray

And the drugs are the only way to escape

Who’s to say the air we breathe isn’t a toxic drug to hide the real world

This broken mirror didn’t just affect me; it affected all states of mentality

Young, old, wise, weak

I used to think if the mirrors hadn’t been faced with silent corruption, my fate wouldn’t be destruction

Staring at old pictures I see this girl little girl with hope in her smile

Now I see a tool society created for mass destruction

The spitting image of a fire breathing dragon

A child creating raging rivers with her eyes

Where anger and pain have made her mind malicious, vindictive, spiteful, and deceiving

And all that she touches turned to corruption

What if I told you catastrophe was a new religion

And fairytales were real

Wait…. I’m losing it

Do you hear it thumping?

Soon the mirrors will shatter and leave nothing

What if it strikes me down?

What do I do become a sinner, a fighter, or just another face reality is out to destroy

I’m trapped in a lifeless world with soon to be forgotten faces

But there’s always that one shard of glass that view reality as beauty

Believes you can change

In the depths of the dark I’m on my knees

Hoping the higher power will hear my calls

 Set me free from the skin of a sinner

The most dangerous drug in life isn’t something you can buy it knowing that there’s something more powerful that can bring a lifeless world back to life

Where children will play and a girl’s hopeful smile will come back

The fractured reflection shall no longer be formed against you

Where the light shall bring prosperity to this vast soul and I will overcome the impossible obstacle of tomorrow 


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Our world


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