A fraction of my Blackness

My skin so dark like I haven’t taken a bath in months. This is me  so why am I been looked up and down like a monster  a black beast. 


They think light and an think hope, 

They see darkness  and see destruction in its mist.


That darkness is my blackness  equivalent to every fraction. Never minus my blackness  I’ll file it on my taxes 


Lemme set the record straight we not one section 8 we don’t have. Cousins in every state. What’s color time, I mean ain’t we all late?? 


I don’t run the street everyday of the week. I don’t smoke or drink, how can you see something half empty if you don’t see it half full.  Just don’t blink think So why you think I’m a rob you cause my hood up so stop; rethink what you thought about my blackness


Because you being fed these perceived sleight ,reciting  them back to back like a actress. We don’t all have roaches in our mattress, or up our walls in our cabinets this faction  is bad cause our blackness.


This is the madness that is covered your mind can’t you see  the thickness of fabric racial madness


But as I write  with this pen casting a spell so this racial  fabric disappearing Houdini I got the magic


Because black is beautiful and Any other thinking is not suitable designer clothes is only usable when you love your first piece threads the ones that u was born in which is your skin.


 don’t pretend that this is something that we all don’t begin to feel


As if we don’t belong because of a small minority like a dark spot on the white  that ain’t right but we go shine bright because that’s the darkest day we’re the brightest night


Because to me I won’t ever be chained by no man nor societies views of reactions of my blacknessWhen I see my face and see how fluently I speak 


There speechless for what for me to be educated a /bmw/ black man working  this is the hatred that keeps us dead under n you sit back like you don’t understand why we got so much madness in our blackness n get scared  when we rages because of all the injustices that’s happen. 


N you get so scared you pull the trigger n BOOM......blood everywhere walk anyway like no one cares bc you were scared of my blackness that’s unjust there action it’s madness 


Lemme rage lock me in a cage the key throw it away that’s what made me mad no that’s just a fraction of my blackness

This poem is about: 
Our world


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