Four Leaf Clover

Mon, 08/26/2013 - 15:57 -- achopie

It's a different kind of broken heart

The kind where it feels like you fell apart

Like someone took a dart

and threw it directly through your heart


I never thought I'd feel this way

like everything around me turned to shades of gray

like all the good just up and went away

like my weakness was put out on display


You left me feeling so numb

and now I'm feeling so glum

I can't see you, you're gone

Because you're riding off into the sun


It is my biggest fear

that you won't be here

That radiant grace will just disappear

My heart feels like it might just sear


I can't stand the thought

I'm so distraught

No it can't be true

I was just with you

but now the story is over

I lost my four leaf clover


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