Recess: Ms. Livingston's third grade class.

Ms. Emily, a recess aid, smiled as she watched-

Collin, Lily, and Bryson are playing on the monkey bars together.

One boy, Jason, played alone nearby.

Ms. Emily looked away when she heard a scream in the field;

all too common on a  playground,

  but she has to pay attention every time.


It started when Lily howled at the top of her lungs.

Bryson was seen worriedly shaking his friend, screaming Collin's name.

Before she even reached him,

Ms. Emily knew the boy would never wake up.

The ambulance would come and cover Collin

  in a big white sheet.

His cause of death? A broken neck.


Per procedure, police conducted four interviews.


Interview One- Emily Ortiz:

She last saw Collin and Lilly

  sitting on top of the monkey bars.

Bryson tied his shoe on the ladder rungs below.

Ms. Ortiz looked away for 45 seconds

  and then Collin was dead.


Interview Two- Bryson Pond:

The eight year old wiped away tears

as he talked about the incident.

He had focused on tying his laces

when he heard a thud and a snap.

Collin's eyes were open, but he wasn't moving.


Interview Three- Lily Meyers:

She maintained her bubbly exterior when questioned.

That was kind of strange, but kids react differently all the time.

Her and Collin talked while siting on the bars.

She said he suddenly stood up, then jumped.

She said she was sad about the accident

  because he had made her laugh.


Interview Four- Jason Delaney:

The boy, shy, was reluctant to talk at first.

He visibly trembled, but admitted seeing what happened.

"She told him to jump. To go head-first."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, ma'am."


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