To the strickening, ignorant, and far led generation of today,

To the money driven and bigoted minds coming my way,

Take heed to my lively desire,

Something that causes my body to perspire,

Dive into my real foundation,

The Music of The Soul.

The scats, the runs, and the harmonies enamel gracefully upon my heart,

The essence of Rhythm & Blues does not make me blue,

Rather it makes me melt,

More molten than the ebony colored women vibing to it.

My earphones are the door to my smoother brothers,

From my left to my right ear,

Heaven’s voice is what I truly hear,

I hear a call for one seeking love,

I hear another voice cry for a burden on his heart.

I picture full lips grasp the mouth of a sax,

And bronzed fingertips crawling over a piano,

The tunes skip down my spine,

Each nerve is given a sense a how this music shines.

I am taken back to a time where it all made sense,

A time where women were treasured,

A time where men solely pursued,

For the goddess toasted with true beauty,

Through an enchanting song.

Now that the clocks have fallen forward,

My entity has been destructed,

It has been taken for vulgar madness,

And meaningless beats that increase my sadness.

But, when I put my earphones on,

I am taken back to the real soul,

The real art and the real sound,

See my true image of beauty,

Take a walk down my foundation,

Where you see no change in expectation.

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Our world
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