Found Myself

I found myself lost in your eyes
only when torn away I was able to breathe
I found myself thinking how could this be?
Such a wonderful embrace
I found myself high in the sky
Was this your doing or mine?
I found myself wondering is this real?
the candy lips,
the hand holding,
our touches
So much but i want more
I found myself giving my heart away
to the only person i can say
is my love, my heart, and my soul
I found myself loving you
as if I had never loved before


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this is a very hearfelt poem

part of life is finding oneself through different outlets and opportunities

in this case, this is about finding yourself through love of someone you deeply care about

great job


Oh my gosh! You took the exact words out of my heart that I've been wanting to say to my crush. May you never stop writing such beautiful poems. Keep writing on my friend.


This is beautifully written. 

Ember rose

That is so sweet!!


Love creeps up on us

And surprises us--amazes us

When we finally see

Where we are

In our beautiful lost stumbling

Within the heart of another

Absorbed in doing the same

And there is something in that moment

That a word can't say

But only a poem

Only a poem

Because a poem is greater

Than everything

Because a poem

Can say the words that the heart whispers.

You have talent

For the truth.


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