Found Herself

Sat, 07/29/2017 - 17:43 -- erika17

Once upon a time a little lost girl was trying to find herself. At home she wasn't very much acknowleged because she was the youngest and her oldest siblings were getting in a lot of trouble like running away from home so the attention was not on her. She was a lost girl not knowing who steps to follow in, not one of her family memebers went to college so she never saw in that direction. Elementary school was her happiness because she would see her friends and have fun, her favorite subject was math becasue it was so easy for her, when it was time to leave she was not as happy anymore because she did not want to see her parents argueing and her sibiling wouldn't play games with her so she felt lonely at home. Although that changed when middle school started, now she was able to relate to her sisters and her parents payed more attention to her and school wasnt her happiness anymore. In middle she was an insecure lost girl because she didnt know what group of friends to hang out with so she decided not to socialize with anyone, she barely went to school, she was insecure about not fitting in and now knowing who's steps to follow in. One day this lost girl decided to stop worrying about what others thought and focus on school. Thats when high school time came, she was determined to do her best in those four years. She was still a lost girl because although she had sisters to guide her through high school, the group of friends she had were not the best for her. She started the first two years not so bad but it couldve been better have she selected better friends. She wouldnt go to school much instead she would go hang out with her friends. Teens are very much badly influenced by their friends but that could always be prevented if they choose the right group of friends. The next year came and she matured, her mindset changed and her attitued towards school also changed. School was her prioierty now. Years ago her Mother was pregnant by her first child but she was poor and the lifestyle she was living was very bad so she decided to go to America to give her child everything she didn't get. She did not want her child to grow up how she grew up. She wanted all of her childs dreams to come true. The lost girl was thankful for her mother, she didnt realize it than but now she knows that her mother not only took good care of her but she sacrafised a lot so that her siblings and herself can have a better lifestyle. The lost girl finally knew who's steps to follow in. A person like her mother who puts all their prioties straight and focuses on one dream to chase. Her mother was determined to let her children live a differnet lifestyle to she did everthing she could so that we wouldn't have that lifestyle she had which was struggling while going to school and working because their was no food at home and only having a couple clothes that she had to wash by hand everyday. The lost girl put her prioties straight and focued on one big goal. She focused in school and is determined to become a nurse one day to help others. The lost girl always knew that she loved to help people when they were in their worst days because she had those days and no one was there for her. So she is determind to be that light to others in their dark days. Being a nurse to her not only is a goal but it is something personal to her because she wants others who need help to become a better person, being a nurse is the only access she has to do that. The lost girl is finally not a lost girl anymore. She found herself in the process of growing as a person. She became a better once she found herself. She is no longer that unacknoledged girl from elementray school or that insecure girl from middle school or that girl who was going in the wrong direction a couple years ago. The lost girl is going to become a nurse in the future. She was found by her mother's determination so she decided to follow those steps.

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