Whomever it may concern,

Grab as many chairs as you can- six or seven-

create a square space bordered by the chairs-backs evenly together-

It won’t work if the chairs are too far apart.

Now pull a blanket over, something light.

Crawl underneath the blanket-

bring a flashlight-bring a friend too.

Turn on the light and notice how hard it is to breathe-

It’s probably hot too- It’s hard to sit for too long.

Peak you head beneath the blanket and gasp for air,

but come back- even though it’s hot.

Find a place to lay your head,

and point the flashlight towards a doggy-eared book.

If you don’t have a book, why not puppets.

Make hand puppets and with the shadows

you can make a minimal variety of animals-

you aren’t that talented to make much more.

Lay flat on your stomach now.

Do you feel cramped? Do your legs not fit?

Didn’t they fit just a moment ago?

Are you going to leave? You can’t come back.

You know you won’t fit anymore.

You’ve outgrown it. You have literally

outgrown the little things.

And it’s easy to miss, isn’t it?



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