This Form of Self Expression

Wed, 08/14/2013 - 21:21 -- iytl


What is this?

Am I insane?

A rush of blood is streaming through my veins,and I'm so excited I can feel my own heart skip a beat.

I have an idea!

something new to write about and add to my sentimental timeline.

Something all mine that I can hold to my chest for when I run out of breath, drawing out words I can no longer speak to the degree I wish I could publicly.

Thoughts that often propose mandatory self reflection as I travel to the sections of my mind I rarely see.

And by now I'm stringing sentences together like beads

I write for the words that people never hear, all the issues and problems that can not steer their way into deserving ears to show that, we too can make a difference.

This is a form of art to transfer emotions to each other when there is just never a right time to say it otherwise and to sympathize with those around us.

For when stories go dull and photos don't capture enough..

Poetry is there.

For even when things don't go well and life ends up rough, and I feel I may shatter within time and space, I will never feel out of place knowing I can patch myself together.

Because when I'm stuck in contemplation sometimes isolation is all I need.

Tearing down the walls help me live and survive the fall into the open sea.

But I will not jump, I will dive, never dead, but feeling alive as the waves of self creation hug my being.

This form of self expression is so much more than depicted, and sometimes I feel conflicted because I wish everyone could experience the beauty I am seeing.


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