The Forgotten Tale

Once Upon a Time...
Well, you all think you know how it goes.
But come take a seat, while I tell you the tale no one really knows.

See, I grew up being told that one day I would meet my Prince Charming.That he would come sweep me off my feet and save me from whatever trouble I was in — just like all those other little fairytales. I'd be the beautiful damsel in disress and he'd be my brave hero. I wouldn't have to run around kissing slimy frogs or losing perfectly good glass slippers. I wouldn't have to prick my finger on the splintering old spindle or bite into a worm infested apple just to get some silly little kiss in my sleep that I probably wouldn't even remember. No, he'd find me when I needed him and be there from then on no matter what.

What I wasn't told, was that instead of my Prince Charming, I would first find these grumpy old trolls, these greedy kings, and these stingey little dwarfs that never seem to leave. I would have to fend off these raging dragons, these slow giants, and these monsterous wizards. What I wasn't told is that I would have to face all these awful beasts, only to find a princess on the other side of the battle. A glorious women instead of my prince.

I didn't grow up with stories of Princess Ariel chasing after Cinderella at the ball. Or of Jasmine racing to wake up Princess Aurora. I was told that a handsome yound man would be my savior. To chase me and take care of me, but instead I find myself staring into the bright eyes of a beautiful princess. Life didn't prepare me for this. Those fairytales mean nothing. Nothing! How do I tell my king? My Queen? that there will be not prince, only me and her. That there will be no blood heir to the throne, only what we call our family. That my princess is MY Princess, and together we will rule as queens. Because I am hers and she is mine, and THAT is our fairytale.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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