A Forgotten Name

I wither my life on a deserted island,

Accursed to spend eternity awaiting a stray hero[1] !

A hero who will use me, and a man who will abuse me

Take advantage of my resources,

And leave me to be disposed of.


I will become a forgotten name [2]

While heroes journey through the world.

Fighting monsters, rioting villages and amassing wealth,

Only to wash up my shores tattered and pathetic.

I must tend to their every need, yet never see the glow of their smile.


I, the Lustful Black Flower[3]

Must work and rot, aiding these selfish men,

Who never realize my dreams, my sorrow.

“Calypso?” They will say, voice full of scorn,

Thinking of me as the obstacle, rather than the very tool that granted their escape!


Curse you Zeus![1]

Spending each day watching sunsets go

Looking beyond the horizon, past the stars.

Waiting... to see if there is any hero who will answer the call. MY call.

I yearn for company; a person, a soul, a being.

But alas, I am damned to live a life a resentment .


But one day I, the Lustful Black Flower,

Will inflict my punishment upon you Zeus!

The time will come when my seeds of anger

Will scatter across the Heavens and the Earth.

But by then, it will be too late, because I WILL dole my revenge on Olympus.

For if you are the son of a Titan, then I am the daughter of a Titan[2]!



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Our world
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Mohammad Chhipa

Poem for Everthing Is Awesome Scholarship Slam.

Hope you like it ^.^

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