Forgotten Heroes


I dont have a lot of space or time and i have to make this all rhyme into twenty lines to express to explain what i feel  Well hear goes hold your breath count one two three and pray you do not mess up because poetry is your best bet to impress  So to leave my mark i will dedicate these lines to those who ran out of time who got kicked down and out of line those that found life was not so kind  This is my ode to the broken dreamers the lost believers the hopers and romantics  the ones who soared with high antics only to crash onto cold ground Those who did not get a rebound the sick kids the injured the paralyzed the ones who have the unfair truth but they still act like they have nothing to lose  living better day by day smiling wider despite the decay These are the people that i admire the ones who have gone through the flame and the fire and still come out despite the blood and the pain still willing to see the bright side or their days Soldiers warriors rape victims abandoned homeless the people who's kindness puts us to shame  because we could only ever dream of being the same  the ones we may look down on we may trample in our hurry to feel better to prove to ourselves where better but where not  So to leave my mark i will dedicate these lines to those who had no excuse but still got abused tossed and neglected does who only looked up with love This is my ode to the beaten wives strong enough to call nine nine save me my ode to the abused teens that turn suicidal only to realize theirs more to it then a narrow noose and being a recluse  This is me pulling out the things no one wants to say the things everyone ignores because we do not cope well with reality so its better to pretend that where living in a fantasy  where good is always the winner in the eternal struggle of the demons and saints  This is me screaming out about the real people that deserve to have been painted famed and stuck on the hall of fame  The struggling teen moms who kept the baby who you judged and found out it was because of rape  The lonely boy suffering in silence because school and home are both bullies in his life  The girl pukeing up cutting back waking up in rehab and deciding to finally take a chance and change her ways  The people who wont turn away the needy the poor the people w should really want to be and i know that after this stand thats where you will find me among the forgotten heroes     


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