The Forgotten Fire

Charred wood,


Beyond recognition,


From a forgotten fire.

Smoke drifts

Lazily into a cloudless sky,

Unhampered by the summer breeze.

Ash gray coals

Die down and 

Flare back to life

In succession,

Waning and waxing with the thin rise of smoke

Trailing into the treetops

Below a cloudless sky.

The summer breeze gains momentum, 

Bringing the smoke further into the undergrowth.

It coaxes the smoldering coals

Into a single flame,

Quivering in the dusky air,

Feeding on the oxygen and thriving on the logs.

A glowing spark dances up into a cloudless sky, 

Brought with the smoke into the undergrowth,

It alights on the forest floor,

Brighter for a moment,

And it bursts into life.

It grows,

Feeding on the oxygen and thriving on the logs,

And it burns.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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