Speechless, words do not flow about how I feel

Lost like ashes in the wind nothing I see appeals 

Heart ripped, battered and sore with the sledgehammer

I trusted you once, twice, but not again with your disruptive manners

Because that special trust was stretched to someone else again

Wipe the smile off, speak the truth, do not pretend!

I am drowning, many lies can fill an in-ground pool, 

You failed surprisingly to the Lifeguard's number one rule

Our hearts cannot beat in a synchronous tone

Because your black heart is synchronized far away from home

God had sent subliminal messages for which I was blind to see

You gave in the devil’s temptations far below the sacred tree

I gave you a chance or "chances" to turn around

But you fucked me over with a butcher knife too profound

Now I am uncovered to the monster you have become

Do not apologize please, the unnatural disaster cannot be undone

Move along, skip a few and enjoy your FUN

For I will forgive and pray for you, never accept who you Really Are

The man I once knew so close and now beyond the stars

Its chaotic all those promises in the beginning were not true

You broke many knots with just one lie

You broke the one and only ring beyond all things?

But I surrender myself among God, at least He knows I tried

He witnesses the pain but doesn't join the game

But I will not let that ruin my reputation

and I'll stop feeding into your false allegations

Now keep fucking around as if thirty years younger

I will move along because you were never my controller

I am a human body, a person with a big heart

Whether you see the damage, now or Never

Blood running thin, you never did from the Start

These words can express a mere glimpse of my life

From which you snatched and disowned your partner

Who WAS and will not continue in your sight...


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My family
My community
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