I need you to tell me where I went wrong

I’ve spent too many nights, afraid of something I do not know

Terrified, that I might make the same mistake

But it’s a hundred times more powerful than you think

The reality is, you can’t run away if you don’t know what you’re running from



I need you to tell me when you stopped loving me

I need you to make me understand why I was mean

Too many days, I’ve wondered why you would leave me high and dry

Too many hours, spent in front of a screen, trying to decode your messages



I need you to tell me when the world stopped spinning

I am twirling in circles, and the world doesn’t want to dance with me

My steps become lighter each time

Is this what it feels like to die?



I need you to tell me why. Why you said the things you said.

Why left, the you way you did

Why you did not answer, when you said you would

Reality is, I’m standing on air



I need you to answer,

When did the world fall apart?

When did your heart stop beating?

When did my mind start racing?

When did my hands stop shaking?

When did my mouth stop opening?



I need you to tell me,

For I can no longer speak

The truth that comes out of me

Has nothing to do with you anymore

Not because I do not want you there

But because you have chosen to ignore my sight

The words that can no longer be heard are lost in your mind

They no longer exist in mine



I need you to dance with me

At least one last time

So I can understand how much you’ve changed

You said you loved dancing

But your dancing shoes are in corner, tucked

Has your passion shifted?

Or did you lie?



No, no, the problem is me

Or maybe, it’s you?



These hours have turned to days

And days have turned to weeks

And weeks have turned to months

And by now it’s been years since I’ve last seen your face

And I have forgotten how to look at you.

I have forgotten how to greet you

I have forgotten how to respect you



You are but a memory in my mind,

 A memory that is blind

And I need you to understand

The world isn’t moving anymore.



I’ve stayed sixteen, and I haven’t aged

I’ve stayed in the place where you last saw me

And reality is, that the universe doesn’t agree.



You’ve aged, and changed, and grown

And our love is no longer young

And our desire has run cold

My passion has left my heart

My darling, when will explain to me,

How did this start?

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