"Forgive, but do not forget," is a saying as old as time.

Ordinary as it may be, it is a powerful message; one that has been forgotten over the years by so many.

Riots break out, violence reeks havoc, and rage boils in people's blood, allowing it to consume them- and divide them- and blind them of logic.

Granted, they are not wrong to be upset or to feel offended by the injustices of the world- no- but too many hold onto the hatred planted in their hearts and allow for it to poison their minds.

If people stopped for just a moment -one tiny, trifling moment-  to look around themselves and the world, then they would see we are all just specks of dusts, scuttling about upon this humble planet that floats in a universe so vast.

Varied our beliefs may be; divided as our minds may be; and as hurt as we may possibly be: we do not need to continue this cycle of hatred.

Etch into your mind "forgive, but do not forget," and say it to yourself and the world as you send your hate away with love.

No, that does not mean to give those who terrorize and harm others a hug and say, "it's ok."

Evil will not be kind to you and express sympathy simply because you choice to do so.

Stand up for justice when it is needed -like to protect your family and your friends-, but also learn to let hatred go and accept your past so that you may not be hurt, harmed, or controlled.

Shout it out with me so that our world may hear it: Forgive, but do not Forget.

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My community
My country
Our world


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