Forgive or Forget

You just wanna fall on your knees and ask for forgiveness

Even though you know they aren't gonna give it to us

So you think back to the first attack and you wonder:

'Was I right or was I wrong?'

It plays over and over and over and over in your head like a song.

Repeating the pain, the sorrow, and the mistakes

Til you just can't take it and you have to break something!


Even if they do forgive, are you gonna be able to live with the choices you made while you were angry?

Are you gonna be able to forgive youself for being the bitch that you aren't usually?

It's all a game between your conscience and your brain

Fighting between who's the best, who's the worst, and what do I have to do to fit into this crazy world.

'Hello, how are you? Yes, I like those boots.'

All so you don't step on any toes.


So do you ask for forgivenss

Or do you just let it fester and burn away

Until there's nothing left but your pain?


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