Forgetten Flawlessness

Drifted from my primordial perfection,

      To the hapless ghetto, of,

            Egos sniffing new directions,

devoid of contentment,

     or anything truly taste-able.


The thought: “no good”, pours down my,

 vivid personality, body,  and mind, black and white,

  Countless times, utterly sad ‘n’ trite.


The snowy mountains, my smile, your eyes!

 Distracted from my fixation with lucid sighs,

   I forget my storyline of lack, and

Remember the flawless being that I am-

A god in his palace! And all I see as far as the sea,

     Are god, goddesses, palaces and ecstasy,

           This world. Just as it is.           

What…was the problem?


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