Forget the Woe

Mon, 08/03/2015 - 16:01 -- NoeliaC

Fresh lemonade

The laughter of friends

Movie nights


School cancelled and fresh snow



Cake on your birthday!

Parties with friends

Nights spent with a good book

Video games

Board games

Card games

Lying in bed and listening to sweet tunes


Sleeping in

Staying up all night

Loved ones

Family and friends

Your special date mate

Your first date

Your 'I lost count cause everynight is perfect' date

Finally moving out and back in with friends

Able to afford your own place


Cheat days

And all the days you just smiled. 

Everyday won't be a great day, but everyday will never be a bad day either. 

Life is hard and everyone expects you to make it because 'everyone else is doing just fine' but take your time and make every day a good day in atleast one way. 

You're worth it. 

No more woes.


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