Forged Hands

As I stand on the path in the forest called oppurtunity,

My life awaits a carriage of success that will whisk it away.

Will I actually become the individual I want to be?

The obstacles are rows of tormentations, 

A line of bricks constantly building up.

I have not yet crossed the river of struggle,

Or touched the pelted hand of fate, 

But I have been carried by others.

Those who have taught me my morals,

Those who have educated me,

Those who have cared for me throughout the hardships.


I climbed that hill to the peak of healing,

My mind was a collection of shards of glass,

My thoughts were sure shots from cannons, 

I wasn't thinking straight, 

I wasn't myself, 

With help I found my lost self again.


My pain encompasses a journey,

Filled with doubt, 

Claiming I was not good enough.

But here I am,

The ones who have fought for me,

Were the ones who forged my hands, 

I have become the person I always wanted to be.





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