Forever, We Will Remain


Painful shots, routine meds

Breath stopping moments, heart wrenching seconds

We were there, in that moment of time when we were together

Our whiles composed, my promise, my air, my dear…I know you remembered

However deep it may have been buried beneath

I’ll always remember how you told me you loved me

You said, “Till the sun stops shining,

Till time stops running,

Till the last star dies,

And until the day you no longer open your eyes”


I lay awake at night thinking of you

Fall asleep with you in my dreams too

I carry you in my heart, I carry you in my soul, my love, I’ll continue to

Even after my last pulse beats and my last breath is drew

Up until my everlasting love is drained

I’ll always be for you even when time begins again

Without a doubt I am forever yours even if you forget about me

I’ll make sure there’s at least one fragment of us in your fading memory…


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