Forever True


You know it's true when you only have reasons to smile around them, 

or when your thoughts are flooded with their words and actions, your smile just sticks around for once.

When you feel so comfortable around eachother, nothing seems weird anymore

when not a single imperfection is seen by the other, but through each pair of eyes they only see complete perfection 

You know it's true when there is over a thousand miles between you and the feelings inside don't change a bit.

when you have to pinch yourself to make sure it is not a dream, to know that there is really somebody who shares your want, your need to be with the other.

That moment where it feels as if the river of tears will never stop, 

and that feeling of emptiness and lonesumness that overwhelms your heart, 

it conquers your entire body when you are seperated once again, until next time.

Thats when you have not a single doubt in your mind that it is indeed, 

forever true.


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