Forever No More

I walk up the stairs where we first met,

dreaming of you waiting for me at the top..

Your love, your touch, your smile had blinded me.

Your played me so nicely, till you got tiered of the same routine. 

Trusting you one last time was a mistake but i don't regret it.

Taking me to long to learn a lesson i knew the answer too.

But now i am invisible once again.

I pass you by as if we never met, 

You look at me with those amoroso eyes.

Why not use that same amor & stab her back too.

Oh wait..she's just like you.

Lieing to the ones around you, to the ones who really care.

You hold her hand, kiss her neck & watch me pass you by.

Thinking i will be your "victim of love" one more time.

I can't be that same butterfly you caught in the meadow,

Because that meadow no longer exists..

My back will forever be the last thing you remember, 

So watch me walk away because im never looking back again. 

Whether you come looking for me, you'll never find me.

Being the inconsiderate prick you are as a friend & as a lover.

You left me behind broken & bleeding too many times. 

I had to find my way back home from your fake oasis.

I am stronger now & your the lost one.

Looking for love in all the wrong places.

I was the one who knew your pain;

The one who still played your games.

No longer will i be your shadow.

I am a strong latina with a better personality you'll ever have.

So sweetheart don't say you changed.

Because i'm not coming home. 



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