Forever in My Mind

Falling hard from reality, seeing the unexpected

A dark, scary scene that no soul should witness

Seeing a broken family become connected

Yet the loved one is listless

Too late, life's favorite words

He was gone and nothing could bring him back

Hopefully towering over us like a majestic bird

He could watch us and make sure nothing made us crack

Rain or shine family should persevere

Those words were unknown in these shambles

God decided to take the wheel and steer

Taking him was God taking a gamble

Yesterday is forever ago and so being his life

Doors were still swung open

Though the grief cut me like a knife

It was good too and put hope in

Writing poetry is how one can grieve; how I grieved

Losing someone forever ago does not make the pain dissipate

Poetry opened a vessel of my pain and made me feel relieved

In this big, frightening world, it is what gave me fate

I knew that I had to write to realize who I was

Now, we are the ones my cousin awaits

This poem is about: 
My family
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