Forever More

My love is perfect forever more,

And this is why, you see.

There's always something great in store,

And I am loved for being me.

I never have to worry,

And I never have to fear.

My love is there in a hurry,

I know he's always here.

He keeps me warm and cozy,

He tucks me in at night.

He's perfect 'cause he chose me,

He's even perfect when we fight.

My smiles have never been brighter,

My laughs never so much.

He's my lover and play fighter,

My heart melts with just one touch.

He always kisses my forehead

And always kisses my cheek.

I could be a brunette or a redhead,

And he still calls me unique.

He knows that I love singing,

He knows my favorite drink.

Our song has my head ringing,

And it always makes me think.

I think about our future,

And I think about it well.

We'll have this love forever,

And a great love story to tell.

If I could describe this feeling,

If I could only use one phrase.

I'd say my heart needed healing,

And he fixed it within days.

My love is perfect forever more,

And this is why, you see.

It's more than I could ever ask for,

And it'll always be perfect to me.

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My family
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