A Forever Love

An everlasting love has grown from every flower you planted in meWhat is this? A love I have never known, a forever love, could it be?I am walking on foreign land but i am not afraidYou have shown me what love should feel likeYou give me your hand and I take it, where are we going? I don't care!Because with you, everything is okay, the grass is always green on this sideYou have the heart of a flower, you are like a breath of fresh airRemember, i would never leave your side, with you life is a joy rideWith you, the picture seems bigger and the world seems larger With you, i’m happier, and when i'm not you’re there to remind me it’s only temporaryBecause the world seems so big now but still the one for me is youYou are my peace, and you are the light i follow, i stick to you like glueBut i don't mind, everyday we learn from each other, and see what has grewIf you ever find yourself scared in the world, remember i am here to help you throughI will see you through thick and then, i will see you through because with you i have the best viewLife has its ups and downs, life has its changes, light and dark but i don't mind Because we have written a love story and the ending will always be with you  


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