We've never been equal,

you and me.

At least thats what the world sees,

this tall, long legged feminine beauty.

Damn near perfection to any man's human eye,

But what I am like where there's no more light?

My mental state is what's to appreciate,

except your eyes have a different destination.

I'm a woman nonetheless, 

No hesitation. 

Excepe all you can see is this so called "timeless" beauty, 

Will you be there when the clock begins to tick? 

How about when there becomes wrinkles around my lips? 

Maybe some extra weight on my hips? 

The answer is NO. 

Because I'm only forever beautiful in the soul, 

In order to be timeless in your eyes, 

I have to be infinite in your mind. 

So you see, the real beauty isn't where your eyes can see, 

Its in these words that will forever leave...


This poem is about: 
Our world



This is really beautiful.

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