Forever Changing Beauty

Mon, 06/27/2016 - 17:13 -- Madeld

Beauty is just a face and courage is spoken not seen.


Beauty isn’t hateful, beauty isn’t spite.

Beauty is inside of me, in you in all of us.

But, the only beauty that matters is the kind that you can see...

We need to change that picture, flip that switch,

We keep on being hypocrites again, and again, and again.

Or shall we be condemned to fight when there’s nothing left


A beauty isn’t wishing you well, a beauty isn’t a dollar spent.

Some may argue beauty is genetics, beauty is skin deep…

That beauty is in metrics and measurements and upkeep.

But, a beauty will not matter, a beauty doesn’t stay.

Because while we may have nice hair it sure will turn to gray.

And what may seem subjective and what has went wrong.

Never as important as you’re happiness stale, and gone.


But, you may argue why everyone doesn’t just look,

As perfect as picture in a princess storybook,

That’s because perfection is easy, and so difficult by chance.

Science is a variable and we just have a glance.

We don’t know why we don’t get how our minds can be so cruel

About how we don’t see ourselves as good enough.

Looks can’t be taught in school.


Ashamed, embarrassed of our faces beautiful or not.

We all have fake illusions of what’s “beautiful” or “hot”

Look on the bright side, but, not the too bright side your face can’t pull it off.

The curtains close now, your beauty is old now

You’re only star feature left is forgot.

Your done for now and always knew that this was just your face.

Well it’s just your face, so give it the same value as your soul?

I don’t think so, let’s give it the value of null, and change your goals

To not having perfect hair, or teeth, or clothes.

To having perfect ideas and positive thinking, and actual life accomplishment and forever changing the way we view beauty.

Because a beauty isn’t beautiful, a beauty doesn’t last.

What’s beautiful is someone who sees beyond,

Beyond what is a person face someone who sees beauty in everything, and everyone. 

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