Forests of Legend

Amid, the forest, and growth, of Nature,

He walks, the walk of the sun, till dusk;

And thoughts, manifest like leaves, of the tree,

Of openness is verdure, and depths, of darkness;


He reels and tumbles, 'midst the green,

Futile thirst, drenched, by the sun,

Quenched, by sweat, of salty produce,

Hid head, reeling, to the core, of his walk;


He sits down, amidst, the bushes, a while,

Resting his feet; worn off, within,

Spasms; hold, the toes and fingers,

Amid, his playdays, of fourth, dimension;


His reality, small and sheltered, within,

Reality, echoed, in the expanse of void,

His playdays, near, the end, they reached,

As since, he walks, the Forests of Legend.


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