Trunks thin and the grass fluffy.

The sun shimmered.

In the fantasy.

of love and growth.

But, the darkness--

The light killed it.

So darkness died away.

The light won.

So the forest grow.

In both darkness and light.

This poem is about: 
Our world



The plants grew alike as trees, flowers, and grass. They were growing together

with sharing of space, love, and friendship. Until darkness came and the plants

wilt, they were gone. As the morning sun rise, the plants began to grow anew and 

there were no darkness. However, the plants grew together in both daylight and


     For example, one person cannot stand the other person in the same room. They 

hate each other based on their reasons. Until darkness came and almost killed one of

them, the other person saved. And then, there was a nice growth between them that

they do not hate each other, they respected each other on account. 

     This was not exactly the occurrence in the society, but it was the simple way to

explain the unchanged attitude to a changed attitude in their perspectives. Some people

can change and others do not. Some people left the abusive or offensive memories

behind their backs and they kept on moving forward and find happiness in their


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