Foreign Friends

(Disclaimer: This poem does not insinuate I engage in incest.

Mention of sleeping with my brother refers to times in the past

that I have been woken up by my younger siblings after they'd

had a nightmare and our parents wouldn't sleep next to them so

they asked me. Hope that clears some things up.)


Sometimes I sleep alone

Or with a friend

My little baby girl

My princess, my sunshine.


My kitten makes the bed warm

My child can't hold me tight

My brother shoves me off the bed

And a friend turned off the light.


With each my sleep will vary,

Some peaceful

Some calm

Some in chunks

Or not at all.


Sometimes I'm okay

And when I'm not,

I lie awake.


When you're there,

I make sure you're okay.

And when you're not,

I count the stars.


One twinkled

One's dark

One time I cried

And ate an Ark.


It flooded my dreams

They lasted an hour

And then I woke up

It tasted sour.


I wish it were only

A dream.


And when you sleep,

I try to count sheep

But instead lay awake

And watch you fade away.

This poem is about: 
My family
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