The Forbidden Truth


I've seen the blood spill
I've seen people that have killed
All with a hidden fiery will
That can't be chilled
They're both fighting for their life
Always in a moonless night
With each a different and dark knife
But where is their needed light
Hearts are pumping 
Monsters are feeding
Bones are breaking
And people are weeping
So tell me the forbidden truth 
Or is this just a hopeless noose 
I'm part of the forsaken youth 
But I'm a wild one who's on the loose 
So tell me what we should honestly do 
Before I fall to far that I might climb back up
To those whom it may concern I'm looking past you
To Resist the temptation of death's cup
Blood is staining
Knives are biting 
Water is dripping
And Drugs are coursing 
Well my time has past look at my empty hour glass
Now it's my time to rest my heavy head
On the lifeless grains of dead grass
Weeping watching as you laid there and bled 


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